Client Projects

At CasinoCompliance we work with a wide range of global gambling clients to provide bespoke, professional guidance and technical expertise for their sector or multi-channel businesses. Many of our clients are start-up operators, developing new gambling operations or expanding into new markets, so it is critical that they can rely on the professional, first-hand experience and technical knowledge of our expert consultants within each of their specialist fields.

CasinoCompliance work with numerous gambling operators, regulators, legal firms, law enforcement, courts and gambling conferences to provide in-depth analysis and reports, expert witness evidence, training and market insight for a wide range of casino games, gambling products and game protection techniques.

Examples of work we have done for our various gambling clients:

United Kingdom

  • Corporate Governance management and independent support for casino and gambling operators
  • New build casino and security infrastructure projects
  • Anti-money laundering guidance for casino and gambling operators.
  • Operating Licence support for new casino and gambling operators
  • Independent review of regulatory failings and management support
  • Online gambling review and consultancy support
  • Casino policy and procedure development and training projects
  • Operational review and market reports for retail bookmakers
  • Poker expert witness report for Crown Prosecution Service
  • Gambling and security expert witness evidence for Royal Courts of Justice
  • Expert report for multi-channel roulette


  • Casino acquisition projects and market analysis
  • Strategic advice for online operators and new market entrants
  • Independent regulatory and management report for multi-jurisdictional operators
  • Third party supplier contractual and commercial support for online operators
  • Online “Live Casino” security infrastructure reviews
  • Online gambling infrastructure and operational guidance
  • Independent operational casino audit report
  • Independent analysis and report of major play and cheating
  • Seminars and training for regulators and legislators
  • Seminars and training for casino security directors
  • VIP Baccarat analysis and reports
  • European casino expansion strategy plans into new markets
  • Caribbean casino feasibility report and market research